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CRPS is NEUROLOGICAL not a Psychological Condition!

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy [RSD] Morbus Sudeck, Sudeck's Atrophy, Algodystrophy, Algoneurodystrophy, Post Traumatic Neuralgia and over 202 names worldwide - CRPS is considered neurological, systemic, and affects all organs of the body.

For patients who are officially diagnosed with the condition this is discrimination 
Individuals yet to be diagnosed with the degenerative neurological condition are advised to get interventional and holistic treatment early on in their diagnosis after their symptoms have appeared.

CRPS is considered to be caused by minor trauma and in many cases nerve injury and stating that CRPS is psychological is not only damaging to the patients officially diagnosed with CRPS who have spent years and often tens of thousands of dollars trying to battle their body from severe and disabling chronic pain and the systemic ramifications such as autoimmune problems issues with gastrointestinal problems and much much more

It is also damaging to the prospective patients who are yet to be officially diagnosed with CRPS since being taken seriously by their doctors and being treated in an efficient timely and effective manner means that they are less likely to succumb to organ failure, fatal infection or severe chronic pain and disability
It also affects the way that our doctors treat us  (or staff in hospitals etc) and how the larger community perceive our legitimate and genuine condition (usually caused by trauma)  that has been well established coined for over 150 years since the American Civil War by Silas Weir Mitchell.
CRPS is considered similar to Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons and as a community we do not appreciate being written off when we have evidence that the condition is neurological and has physical presentations including changing of colour of the limb, swelling, dystonia, loss of sensation, hypersensitivity, vasoconstriction, seizures, syncope, light sensitivity and eye problems, sound sensitivity, spread of chronic pain throughout the body, changing of hair and skin textures, chest pain and breathing problems, and much much more

Update as of 26th May 2018 -

To the CRPS Community

This week just gone has been a very eventful week
As some of you may know we had put up a petition about CRPS and addressing the statements we were lead to believe had been made on the Andrew Denton show 'Interview'
Despite this being a great way to raise awareness it appears in hindsight that the petition had been established on grounds that were based on the reports of members of our community that had wanted to recount what the show 'Interview' had reported on CRPS during their interview between Andrew Denton and Charlie Goldsmith

We have now established that Andrew Denton has apologized and that his statements were not specifically stating that 'CRPS is psychological'
Being that I personally do not have my TV connected I was guided by members of our groups and was lead to believe that this is specifically what he had said and established
the petition as a result
The Foundation apologizes if the recent petition was considered in any way misleading or defamatory to any of the parties in involved and stands by the fact that the petition was made with good and pure intentions in order to gather further wider-community awareness for CRPS

We appreciate the passion and energy that it takes to participate in such instant-awareness campaigns and similarly appreciate those who were able to ascertain the correct information and relay it as such

It is important for our members to ensure that the information they are sharing to the groups is accurate as it can lead to situations like this where individuals can potentially be negatively impact if an awareness campaign is launched without all the details cross-checked

Despite any inaccuracies of the petition the collective raising of awareness for the plight of individuals with CRPS has expanded this last week and we should all be proud of that fact

The petition has now been edited to reflect the changes and halted so that no more votes are able to be lodged so we ask that anyone with the links to the petition still up to please remove them

We support and thank all individuals involved and thank Andrew Denton for his time and patience in learning more about CRPS and we look forward to being part of the
more awareness campaigns in the future

Thank you for your continued support
Kind blessings always

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