Rehabilitate 65 Deaf students at TTCD, Bengaluru before its demolition #MakeOurFutureSound

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65 special students stare at a bleak future, BMRCL to demolish Technical Training Centre for the Deaf (TTCD), reads the headline.

What if I tell you that the family home that you built 37 years ago, lived happily in, had memories of, will soon be demolished because Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) decides to build a metro station right on that spot.

This is what is happening to the 65 students of the Technical Training Centre for the Deaf in Bengaluru. 

We have started this petition appealing to the Karnataka State Commissioner for People with Disabilities and BMRCL to publicly commit to ensuring the safe rehabilitation of all 65 inhabitants of the Technical Training Centre for the Deaf before any demolition work takes place. Sign our petition.   

Authorities might see the centre as a useless wreck, but it is a home to 65 special kids with speech and hearing disability. The Technical Training Centre for the Deaf is home to deaf students coming from poor and rural areas of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

If it wasn't for this centre, these deaf children would end up on the road, making them vulnerable to all sorts of crimes

As per media reports, although the TTCD doesn't even have basic equipment, teacher's salaries have not been paid for months, the students are still working hard to make it a safe home. They have arranged some food from the ISKON temple, teachers are still teaching without salary because they care and know that these kids have nowhere to go.

But even this little security will go after BMRCL demolishes the centre. Please sign our petition and ask those in positions of authority to ensure rehabilitation of these vulnerable students. 

#MakeOurFutureSound #StopOrShift