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Please transfer my brother to a specialist hospital, fight to save Marcus #PleaseSaveMarcus

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My brother Marcus is a 22 year old father of two who is currently fighting for his life in Croydon University Hospital, but the hospital are refusing to fight for him. We as the family feel that the hospital trust is being negligent in his care and not considering the best interest for Marcus' condition.

Two months ago he suddenly became ill. When he first went to hospital with symptoms he was sent away - they thought he was drunk but he did not consume any alcohol that day or prior days to him attending the hospital. The next day he had a stroke and has been in intensive care ever since. He has a rare brain inflammation. 

We were told Marcus was going to die two months ago and to date he is still alive!

They also told us that they will not resuscitate Marcus should his heart stop. This is against his wishes as before Marcus became locked-in he made it clear to the doctors that this is what he would want should his heart stop. Now Marcus has contracted several infections since being in hospital and his doctors are refusing to treat these. The attitude seems to be, he is dying anyway. 

When we questioned his care with the relevant staff, we were banned from visiting him. We have had to fight ever since to stop this injustice just to be allowed to see him. 

Marcus is a father of two beautiful girls who love him dearly.He deserves the best possible care and for doctors to do everything in their power to keep him alive. 

Queens Square Hospital in London is the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and could give Marcus expert help but the doctors at Croydon University Hospital are refusing to transfer him there. 

We are aware that Marcus is very poorly and not oblivious to the fact that he may die, but we also believe he deserves a chance. He deserves the best possible care and doctors who will fight to keep him alive, not prepare for his death.

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