More regular bin collection in the Croydon Council

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Houses in the Croydon council only have their bins collected every other week, unlike other councils where these are collected on a weekly basis.

Despite trying to recycle and make sure the refuse is minimal, the bags add up during the course of the two weeks and when these don’t fit in the landfill bins, the bin collectors refuse to take them. This results in rubbish lying out in the driveways/end of gardens for the remainder of the day, whilst people are at work. These then end up getting ripped up by foxes/cats and spread by the wind all over Thornton Heath, making a mess of the town.

We are very keen to keep Thornton Heath/Croydon as clean as possible and feel like the minimal bin collection makes it close to impossible. 

We feel it is imperative to have weekly bin collections and a fairer provision of recycling containers (as these tend to get stolen due to shortage and people’s need to recycle to help better the environment).