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Allow paedophile hunters to continue

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There are many paedophile hunters in the UK that are currently being challenged and told to stop chasing paedophiles in UK and are incorrectly being labelled vigilantes!

However, the evidence they gather before confronting the paedos have on many occasions led to extremely successful prosecutions which would not happen if the evidence was in any way doubted by the legal systems. Yes there are some groups that do not behave ethically and I am of the opinion that if this petition was presented to government and more for support of these groups and policy change within the law would enable the group's to proceed with their successful investigations It would also enable evidence to be gathered for presentation to.the courts legally and without prejudice. Thus saving police hours on an already stretched public service! 

Abuse is one of the biggest problems on the internet and no child is safe because paedos often use false profiles and groom the children to do sexually explicit things on the internet which is illegal. Our kids need to be safe and these groups are helping to do that! It may also encourage abused kids to come forward knowing they will be supported.

Without these paedophile hunter groups we have no chance of controlling the amount of abuse which happens in today's society because police services do not have the amenity or resources to carry out the work these groups can and do already on a voluntary basis.

If the legal system worked more closely with these groups they could carry on with their successful prosecutions keeping our kids safe.

If you want to know your kids are safe online and elsewhere  then sign this petition to enable the paedophile hunters to carry on the great work that they have already proved is working and legally successful with the prosecitions they have gained to date.

Thank You for your support.



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