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Make corporate hate a hate crime

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Wealth creators in this country pay the most tax, create jobs and opportunities for others, and drive the economy forward. Without their dynamism, creativity and focus on profit, society as a whole would be significantly worse off.

When the wealthy do well, we all do well.

Despite the contribution of the hard-working elite of this country, they are often demonized as little more than ‘common crooks’ and scapegoated for many of the ills in our society. 

Amid all these accusations we should remember that it’s the wealthiest in society who contribute most of all. It might be trendy to bash the bankers, but it’s illogical and unhelpful.

By exaggerating and giving undue prominence to ‘Corporate Crimes’, the mainstream press have whipped the public into a state of hysterical outrage. But where rules have been broken in the pursuit of growth, fines have been paid, more than covering the cost of any damage done.

In December 2017 Jeremy Corbyn shared an online video in which he said bankers were “speculators and gamblers”.  Using lazy stereotypes like these to describe any other section of society would cause uproar, but sadly this kind of hate speech has become acceptable against hard working, successful people.

Recently a number of police forces across England and Wales expanded their hate crime definition to include misogyny.  We want to add corporate hate to that list.  Being called names like ‘fat cat’ is hateful and can leave victims psychologically scarred.

The 1% are a minority group and do not deserve to be targeted just because of their wealth. They deserve the same protection in law as everyone else.

By including corporate hate as a hate crime we’ll be one stop closer to stamping it out completely.

That’s why we are calling on the CPS and the NPCC to take corporate hate seriously and expand the definition of Hate Crime to include it.

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