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Prosecute Greville Janner and other 'Establishment' paedophiles

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Yet another 'alleged' paedophile MP will not be tried for committing child sex offences. 

Lord Greville Janner will not stand trial for child sex abuse as it has been decided that it is 'not in the public interest' to prosecute due to his advanced dementia. It seems very 'convenient' that the Crown Prosecution Service had enough evidence as far back as 1991 that would have been sufficient enough to bring at least 22 charges against him yet it was decided not to proceed.

THREE times the CPS chose not to proceed with charges. Does that stink of a cover up to YOU? 

With allegations stretching way back to the 1960's we have yet to find out just how many victims there have been and what's worse how many more victims have there been since 1991 who the CPS could have saved from this monster if they had done their jobs properly.

Today we must stand united and DEMAND that the CPS review its decision not to prosecute Lord Greville Janner and force him stand trial so that his victims can see that justice is 'seen to be done'. No-one should ever be protected from the law if they have committed an offence as evil as this against vulnerable children no matter what your standing is in life.

Protecting paedophiles is as good as condoning this sick and twisted behaviour. 

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