To Resign Dr Mehat from practising further procedures on minors and cps to prosecute cases

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To Resign Dr Mehat from practising further procedures on minors and cps to prosecute cases

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Crown Prosecution Service and General Medical Council and anyone who can help!!!

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Started by Justice for my son

On the 30th of July 2013, my son aged 3 months was brought to this man and a non medical circumcision procedure took place without my knowledge or consent. For any child's procedure to take place legally, the surgery must ask for the child's birth certificate and the named guardians on the birth certificate must sign their consent. This did not happen!!!

I can not put into words the distress this has caused myself and my son has no doubt suffered during the process I witnessed the healing myself and it was very unpleasant. Please help us get some kind of closure and justice and stop this happening again I have heard nothing but bad feed back about the Doctor these are openly available for your viewing on google.

Upon calling the clinic they wouldn't take any complaint as the Doctor works privately for himself. The Doctor did however call me back and was rude and abrupt 'he'd spoken to his solicitor and it was all my fault.'

We later discovered he is actually in fact an NHS Doctor also and his wife is the practice manager. Dr Mehat has a history of bodged performances on children and also NHS patients have left the surgery because of his bad attitude and incompetence.

I know some responsibility lies with the the child's father who was absolutely clear what he was doing but by law had no rights and shouldn't of been allowed to do so, so easily or get away with such actions!

The CPS made a decision not to prosecute but the investigation was slack and very unprofessional, only coming out to obtain a statement when the press called them to ask for comment. THE CPS HAVE TO REVIEW THIS CASE AND FACE THE FACTS MY SON WAS ABUSED AND PUT IN SERIOUS DANGER!!!

Please sign our petition to remove the Doctor from practicing on innocent children as he is clearly not following the correct guidelines and conducting his surgery appropriately and make the CPS see that circumcision destroys lives and crimes of circumcision should be punished for my son and the thousands of victims who suffer at the hands of those they trusted!

Circumcision is a barbaric, torturous ritual that takes place on innocent boys without their consent. It has been perceived as Gods wish for many years but in actual fact evidence strongly suggests other wise its not religious, religious rights and beliefs stop at ones own body . Not a single medical organization in the world recommends routine infant circumcision its both painful and harmful. Risks include excessive bleeding, skin bridges, infection, loss of the glands or entire penis and even death. Although illegal it is very rarely punished less then 1% of circumcised males make the decision themselves to be chopped. I find it utterly disgusting that after iv made the decision that I want my son to have the choice himself it was snatched away from him illegally and without a thought about his wellbeing or even attempting to discuss aftercare etc. yet 2 years on no body has been punished its just not acceptable!!!

Please sign and support our battle for the JUSTICE my little boy so rightfully deserves and myself as a mother should have the right to protect my baby.

Many thanks xx

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This petition had 594 supporters

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