Justice for Mr. Sobieraj. This was a mob killing, charge them all!

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Damian Sobieraj did not in anyway deserve what happened to him, I'm making no claim to that effect just to be clear, he was innocent in every way, a nature lover, a good person. The more testimony that is printed in the media, the more it is apparent, this was a mob killing, with a lot of people involved who are not being held accountable.

The one who has been charged is a girl with Aspergers syndrome who was fed alcohol by the other kids present, one of those kids testified in court, he had no thoughts of helping Damian when he saw him in the water.

Damian, had marks on his body that were likely caused by the other kids present hitting him with sticks. The other kids all need to be charged, they are throwing an autistic kid under the bus, the easy way out for the crown and the police, this was a mob killing, Everyone of these kids need to be held accountable.

Everyone of the "youths" that did not go into the water to save Damian need to be charged with manslaughter. There is no justice when we allow a disabled child to be charged with a crime and do not hold the kids who created the mob mentality accountable. Please sign to demand all involved are charged with the maximum charges allowable under Canadian law. We can not allow this to become OK, the norm, acceptable, or it will happen again. Anyone reading the testimony of the "witnesses" will soon learn how guilty they are too. It is mind boggling that they have gotten away with allowing a man they took part in assaulting, to drown right in front of them. What is wrong with the Brockville police and the crown to allow that to happen? Sign and demand that they all be charged.