Evacuations are not the solution

Evacuations are not the solution

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Dear Canada,

The people of Kashechewan are tired and frustrated because every year we are separated, dislocation and flooding.
Spring should be a time of hope but for our people it is the time when families are forced to go to evacuation centres across the Province. As I write this, raw sewage is flooding in the main streets and the nurse's station has water filling in the basement. And the main flood hasn't even begun yet.
Our children are missing out on school. Our elders don't want to be living far from their homes. But we don't know if we will have a home to return to if the catastrophic flood hits.
Our people never wanted to live on the flood plain. We cannot build a safe life for our families where we have been forced to live. We signed an agreement in 2005 with the government of Canada to move our community to safe ground. We have waited ever since. In 2017 the government of Justin Trudeau promised to finally live up to the government's commitment. But it was clear in the last budget that they are simply saying positive words with NO commitments to actually follow through.
We are asking you to contact Crown Indigenous Affairs Minister  Carolyn  Bennett  and  Prime Minister Trudeau.

You can email here: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca.

Tell him he needs to respect his word and help the people of Kashechewan. We know the people of Canada cares about what is happening. Our request is that you take the time to show solidarity and work with the people of Kashechewan for a better future
Meegwetch and thank you
Chief Leo Friday