Desahucios SIN ROBO, con Realojo, y GRABADOS

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To recover her belongings, avoid the robbery of her father's heritage while still alive, and getting from his widow her whole inheritance as his Last Will.

Appointed lawyers have only made her waste time and got her into more trouble.

Once solved, she'd rush abroad: Anywhere with real democracy, polite people and mild weather. Any job having to do with creativity and mingling with people will do.

Are you a rich Russian in love with Madrid, and would like to live at the very top of a hill, with magnificent views of the capital and the countryside from a Northern beautiful spot on 1.340 sq metres with trees, etc????. On sale at its due price according to Official Assessment.

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Sonia Cruz Belmonte necesita tu ayuda con esta petición «Crowdfunding+Legal aid: Fraud&Extortion victim: Cheated, abused +ROBBED by EVICTION - CACICADA judicial/Turno de Oficio penoso junto a Madrid». Únete a Sonia y 18 personas que ya han firmado.