Crosswalk lights at David Suzuki Public School

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Residents of Box Grove Community and families of children attending David Suzuki public schools need you to take immediate steps to address the lack of traffic safeguards around Barter Street and Riverwalk. The community strongly feels that a cross walk signal light would ensure the safety of the children/residents for the following reasons:

  • The stop sign at Barter Street and Riverwalk drive crosswalk is not adequate. The drivers have a restricted view of stop sign as it is not visible for drivers  when they are travelling from Riverwalk( east side). The visibility issue is caused by the placement of the stop sign behind a tree.
  • The crossing guard helps to manage the pedestrian traffic between 8:50am and 9:05am and 3:35pm - 3:50pm during school days, however the crossing guard is not present at other time. This is especially evident when school is closed during the summer.

800+ children from the Box Grove Community and surrounding areas attend David Suzuki public school during school days and 400+ families from north of Riverwalk walk across the crosswalk to reach David Suzuki public school and to access Riverwalk and David Suzuki Parks. 

We, the residents of Box Grove community and parents of children attending David Suzuki Public School, strongly feel the current stop sign and crosswalk guard is not adequate to manage the foot traffic at all times and a cross walk signal light would help to manage the traffic around Riverwalk drive and Barter Street. We kindly request that this urgent need in our community is addressed without further delay.