We want to compost and recycle at Crossroads!

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Dear Crossroads Leadership,

After investigating the process of waste disposal at Crossroads, Students For Environmental Action (SEA Club) concluded that the trash, recycling, and compost produced by Crossroads is all disposed of the same way: in the landfill. Students, faculty, and facilities produce a substantial amount of waste every day and not even attempting to recycle and compost this trash contradicts Crossroads commitment to sustainability.

This is clearly a violation of Crossroad’s founding principles, as outlined in its student handbook: “we seek to… instill a respect for the humanity and ecology of the Earth.” Crossroads is not only failing to do what it easily can to protect the environment, but it is also overlooking and ignoring a major source of pollution on campus.

The reason this is happening is in part due to a lack of administrative initiative; however, we recognize that another major reason for the difficulty in separating the recycling and compost from the trash bins is because of the the community’s confusion and unwillingness to separate their own trash properly. As such, we hope to educate the student body by means of a schoolwide campaign encouraging students to dispose of their own waste conscientiously and providing them with ample reasons for doing so.

As PARENTS who trust that the principles of Crossroads are upheld, as TEACHERS who strive to instill the importance of improving and protecting the world for our youth, and as STUDENTS who are hopeful and motivated to correct the mistakes of the preceding generation,  we ask that Crossroads will do its part to be a more sustainable place by disposing of its waste properly. We pledge to do our part in making this possible by putting the correct items in the compost, recycling, and trash bins.