Call for the resignation of Greg Glassman as CEO of CrossFit, Inc. #CancelGlassman

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Reebok, Rogue, Nobull, Fitaid and more have dumped CrossFit due to the actions of Greg Glassman. Prominent CrossFit employees, such as Nicole Carroll and Mat Chan, have resigned due to Glassman's poor conduct as a leader. Dozens of athletes are speaking out and boycotting the Games. Hundreds of gyms across the world have already ditched their CrossFit affiliates. Greg Glassman's values do not align with those that are a part of the CrossFit family. Please read and sign the letter below to let CrossFit, Inc. know that the community unequivocally agrees that Mr. Glassman lacks the leadership to move CrossFit forward.


To CrossFit, Inc.:

We call for the immediate resignation of Greg Glassman as the CEO of CrossFit, Inc. In light of his most recent comments, it has become abundantly clear that he does not carry the depth of character, dignity, or respectability to serve at the helm of an international and multicultural organization of this magnitude. The pattern of behaviors unmasked during his tenure as CEO demonstrate his inability to unify voices within our community. His most recent comments towards the murder of George Floyd, systemic racism, and a global pandemic lay bare his moral positions which stand in stark contrast to the values of the CrossFit community at large. His toxic hubris continues to harm the CrossFit brand, and by extension the athletes, coaches, and affiliates which carry its name. 

During his tenure as CEO of CrossFit, Mr. Glassman has made tremendous strides forward for a highly effective training and nutrition methodology. However, his lack of civility, humility, and restraint as a leader is as appalling as it is dangerous. It is well-documented the lengths to which Mr. Glassman has gone to oust those within CrossFit who voice disagreements with him, his leadership, or his methodology. His hosility towards dissent is well-documented. Whether it is haphazard firing of staff, spontaneous dismissal of affiliates, litigation after blatant promises, lashing-out against long-time coaches, fat-shaming as a strategy for dealing with a global pandemic, or indifference towards pressing civil rights issues, Mr. Glassman lacks the temperament and moral compass required to lead CrossFit, Inc.

It is our belief that Mr. Glassman is an active and imminent threat to the long-term survival of CrossFit. CrossFit---and by extenson its affiliates, coaches, and athletes---are now caught in the crossfire between Greg Glassman and virtue. We all believe deeply in the power of CrossFit to transform lives. The CrossFit brand is our brand. The actions of the CEO of CrossFit reflect directly on CrossFit, Inc. The actions of CrossFit, Inc. reflect directly on our community.

We believe it is in the best interest of the CrossFit commmunity, CrossFit HQ, and CrossFit affiliates to immediately demand the resignation of Greg Glassman as the CEO of CrossFit.


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