Add more Masters age divisions to the CrossFit Open/Regionals/Games

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The CrossFit Masters community is growing exponentially.  We Masters implore HQ and the Games team to implement additional Masters age groups, i.e. 65-69; 70-74; 75+.  At the very least, 60-64, 65+ on the Open Leaderboard if not actually - yet - in the Online Qualifier or Games.  The Open Leaderboard is pretty much the only opportunity we Masters have to measure our gainz against our peers and show our non-CrossFitting peers the benefit and value of CrossFit and that there are many of us making this commitment to a fit old age.  This petition also speaks to one of the missions of Coach Glassman for CrossFit to be a health company even more than a fitness company (or words to that effect), which is so necessary and appreciated for us aging baby boomers!   Most other individual events (marathons, Triathlons, etc) will have as many age divisions as needed to include any registrant.  Please sign this petition and it will be presented to HQ.  Thank you!