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Cross Street Market is a MARKET NOT a BAR! RENOVATE but - Say NO to Market-Wide Liquor


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UPDATE FOR 3-26-2017  

Mary Valentino O'Keeffe wrote:

Hello Friends and Neighbors:

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to post extensively about issues related to Cross Street Market. As many of you know, questions have been raised about the process to renovate Cross Street Market from the very beginning. Once word got out that the 46th Delegation was contemplating introducing legislation allowing for a market-wide liquor license at Cross Street Market, concerns and questions were raised about the lack of a public hearing. I am pleased that there will be a public hearing on Friday, March 31st at 9am in Room 145 of the House Office Building in Annapolis.

Walking around the area surrounding Cross Street Market, there is no shortage of opportunities to consume liquor in all forms, especially with the recent opening of the Cross Bar.

Therefore, I would like to pose the following questions about the proposed legislation for Cross Street Market:

1) Why does the proposed legislation seek to extinguish the liquor license for Big Jim's Deli, a female-owned establishment, that has had a liquor license and a large neighborhood following since 1983?

2) Why does the proposed legislation have no limits on the number of new establishments in Cross Street Market that will be able to sell liquor? Will there be 4, 6, 8, or how many new establishments serving liquor?

3) Why does the proposed legislation allow for the sale of carry-out alcohol - like a liquor store - 7 days a week, including Sunday mornings?

4) Why does the proposed legislation allow for the sale of liquor until 11:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 10pm Monday through Thursday? And, is it necessary to serve liquor from 9am to 9pm on Sundays?

5) Does anyone really believe that the language banning pub crawls has any meaningful impact on anything?

The proposed new liquor license has the potential to change the entire essence of Cross Street Market as we know because of the emphasis on more liquor selling outlets, the introduction of hard liquor, alcohol carry-out, and late night hours. As much as no one wants Cross Street Market to turn into a mega-bar, the way the legislation is written there are still too many unanswered questions.


#1. Nick's Seafood and Big Jim's Deli currently have liquor licenses in Cross Street Market. There is no need for a super liquor license for Cross Street Market.
2. The legislation would authorize the liquor license holder to sell beer and wine for on-and-off premises consumption. This could create a package goods store in the market.
3. The license holder may designate a restaurant or retail store as a serving area. Because the legislation puts no limits on the number of establishments selling alcohol, this could result in an unlimited number of establishments serving alcohol in Cross Street Market.
4. The legislation allows alcohol to be served on-premise Monday - Friday from Noon - 11pm and on weekends, including Sunday, from 9am - 11pm.
5. The legislation allows for the Cross Street Market license holder to sell hard liquor after having been in operation for at least 2 years. The legislation is also unclear on when the 2 year period begins.This license upgrade can be done without approval of the Maryland General Assembly. It only requires approval by the License Commissioners for Baltimore City (Baltimore City Liquor Board).
6. On December 19, 2016 South reported, "CVP (Caves Valley Partners) is hoping to get a new liquor license created through the Maryland General Assembly and said that failure to obtain it would be a deal breaker for the project." On January 11, 2017, the same publication reported once again that, "Mirmiran said failure to get this license would be a deal breaker for the project." Why should our community be subject to ultimatums and threats by the developer? Does our community really need this new liquor license?
7. On February 4, 2017, the Baltimore Sun had a write-up about the proposed renovations at Lexington Market. In that write-up, Robert Thomas, Executive Director of the Baltimore Public Markets Corporation said, "We want to reassert that this is an environment that welcomes all walks of life." The write-up also highlights the need to make Lexington Market a destination that will attract new customers without abandoning the faithful clientele who depend on its affordability. The question we ask, "Why not provide the same consideration for the customers of Cross Street Market?"

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