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Punnish the Bully not the Bullied. Crookwell High.

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Too many families are resorting to home schooling or Tafe to have their children educated safely. Schools Isolating the Bullied and protecting the bully seems to be doing more harm than good. The bullied student ends up feeling rejected by all when made to spend time at school isolated away from friends to one area alone without being able to join in with friends at school freely as they should.  Its the inability to move around socially and freely that makes the one bullied feel even more bullied while the bully has all this freedom instead. This strategy increases the Bullied students mental and emotional state of mind to anxiety and depression...they don't feel supported by their peers and teachers like they should be, there leaves no place in this to develops social skills and confidence which is also an important part of education.  We want better support and better strategies that increase confidence and social freedom at school for all students. We want more punnishment for those that bully others in schools. 


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