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Child support law

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Modify Child Support Penalties in Oregon

First I would like to address the specific case in which inspired me to send a "shout out loud to Oregon". Child support laws are non productive, and cause more problems, referring to the "I decided I want money" issue rather than a parent. Moreover, the entire issue is personal to those affected, especially the child who is innocent. Lastly, parents can't pay child support if they aren't able to support themselves.

First, I would like to address a specific case. In this case, Mr. Newcomb was completely unaware he had a son. The child was 14 years of age when Mr. Newcomb was notified. The mother was a recent divorcee whom decided she wanted child support money from Rod, whom had been injured and has no source of income. 

Mr. Newcomb has no infractions, no criminal history record, and is considered a disabled man at the early age of 35. He was injured on the job, natural trade as a carpenter. Rod is not a criminal, or trying to avoid responsibility. He was in the Navy, which researched Rod, demonstrating Rod had no children at that time. The Crook County DA suspended Rods drivers license, leaving him without any means to support himself. He owes less than $10,000 in back support. 

Oregon child support program states, "If a parent owes at least $2,500 in back support and fails to make and keep a payment agreement, their driver's, occupational, or recreational license may be suspended.“  He was being retrained when he found out about his son, but without success considering the job requires driving and other licensing, which his privileges are suspended. This leaves no income or potentiality for Mr. Newcomb. 

Child support laws are designed to help single parents out, not to punish those who are required to pay. Mr Newcomb is left without a means to support himself, how is he to suddenly pay for a child? The law makes it impossible for those who are willing to pay get a job, defeating the purpose. Child support law should not prevent people from having jobs or restricting employment opportunities. 

Join me in amending child support law, so that people who are willing to pay child support can obtain employment, and keep their licensing. Driving, and employment privileges should not be affected when owing child support. Thank you for your support and time,



Charity Williams


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