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Reinstate the Bundeena/Maianbar Bus Line

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The children of Bundeena and Maianbar, do not choose to get home an hour later after school ends, or even half an hour more in the case of children in who live in Maianbar.

Look at all this lost time already compared to students who already live in Cronulla. If a child from Bundeena misses the ferry, they will not get home until 5-5:30pm. If a child from Maianbar misses the ferry, they also miss the connecting bus. If their parents cannot pick them up, it takes them around an hour to walk 4.2km. That is nearly twice the distance of the 30 minute, 2.4km walk between Cronulla High School and Cronulla station. Except, the walk is through a bushland track and is very easy to stumble in, not on a nice, paved path. And in winter, that track is dark. And your child will not get home until around 6-6:30pm.

It is not a Bundeena or Maianbar child’s fault that people from Cronulla and the greater area attempt to board the bus from our queue, nor should we have to suffer because of this. I, personally, have my pass in my hand, and if the teacher who watches the line wants to see it, I show it. It is not our fault that children are getting through without a pass. No pass should equal no board. But for some reason, children who already take long enough to get home, are being punished for children who should have the responsibility not to be in our queue.

Cronulla High School has specifically highlighted on many occasions that they do not want children in Cronulla High School uniforms loitering around Cronulla. Yet, if a child misses the ferry, what are they going to do? Stay put and sit in the cold or try to cram in the small shelter if it rains? No, they are going to go to the mall, maybe to buy some food, do something to pass the time, and to stay out of the cold and rain. But if we are not supposed to be in Cronulla mall, but where else are we going to go?

So, for at least the sake of Cronulla High School’s loitering policy and reputation, shouldn’t Bundeena/Maianbar children get home on time to minimise this?

Please sign to bring back the Bundeena/Maianbar bus line so that children can get home on time!


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