Free Prescriptions for long term illnesses

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I suffer with a long term medical condition called Crohns Disease. So that I can lead a normal healthy life I need to take a lot of medications.

The NHS Business authority has a list of “medical exemption guidelines” which outlines a series of long term conditions that are eligible to get their prescriptions for free. But for some reason many illnesses like mine are left off this list. Other illnesses not eligible include Parkinson’s and Motor Neuron Disease.

i think this is unfair I cannot help being born with this  long term illness, it’s not something I chose.

I really thought that the NHS was supposed to be there to help, people like me. So the NHS Business Authority need to update the medical exemption guidelines, to include people like me and all people with long term illnesses. I know there are concerns about funding for the NHS, but research conducted by the Precription Charges Coalition has shown that many long term illnesses making prescriptions free actually save the NHS money. because people are less likely to suffer from health complications later down the line.

Please help me fight this - it isn’t right that some illnesses are exempt and others are not. We deserve access to the medicines we need to live.

I know this issue affects people up and down the country. If this affects you, someone you love, or you just believe in a healthcare system that is fair, then please stand with me in calling on the NHS Business Authority to make an exemption for paying prescriptions to people with long term medical conditions.