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Illogan school NEEDS Nathan Thomas

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We, the parents and friends of Illogan School wish to register our objections to the re-deployment of Nathan Thomas from Illogan School Site Manager to property compliance officer for the Crofty Trust.

For many of the children (and parents too), Nathan is an integral part of the school and wider community. For most he is the first and last member of staff they see each day and he is always on hand to offer a smile, support and a high five to anybody who needs it. For those students with younger siblings, Nathan is the first person they get to know during school drop off/pick up and his warm demeanour plays a huge part in the smooth transition process for the very young.
Nathan’s role as site manager and meet and greet responsibilities are just a fraction of what he does for Illogan school. He is always on hand for any emergencies that may occur, driving the mini bus and being an extra pair of hands during breaks. Not to mention the number of community events (like the lantern parade) in which he participates.
We recognise that schools everywhere are struggling financially. Primarily due to ill conceived changes made by our present government. But do you really want to remove a substantial portion of the heart of the school simply to save money?
We also recognise that the future of Nathan’s role is not decided by the school but by the MAT. A system set up so that our places of learning can be run on business models that focus on data, targets and reputation; and care very little about the needs of children. Schools need less managers and more people like Nathan who have the needs of our children as their primary concern. We don’t need huge investments in technology, managers and training in whatever teaching strategy is currently trending. So why not spend more money on staff who care and less on what you think might make the school look good. You say in your announcement that the MAT has brought with it many benefits. But of the benefits you list, most of them can be done without a MAT but with a more informal collaborative effort.
In your announcement you say that Nathan will be with the school for one day a week and his responsibilities will be covered by other staff. Other staff who have their own responsibilities within the school so who is going to be taking charge of those? This is not about the restructuring of one job this will have a knock-on effect on the whole school and ultimately it will be our children who are most affected.
We implore you to reconsider this decision and find an alternative solution to saving money.

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