Make Sarapiquí a carbon neutral place

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Sarapiquí is a natural place located in the province of Heredia, in the North Huetar region of Costa Rica. This place has a lot of species who are now in danger of extinction and are migrating because of pollution in the zone.

That’s why, we citizens demand actions from government entities, like the Ministry of Environment and Energy (know as MINAE for its acronym of Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía) to protect the jungle in Sarapiquí, as well as the rivers of the zone and therefore our beautiful diversity of species.

Also, we ask the City Council of this canton to ban all activities that pollute the jungles and put at risk our biodiversity of species. Here, the mayor and other workers can declare Sarapiquí a carbon neutral place, as other cantons have made in Costa Rica.

To make Sarapiquí a carbon neutral place it’s necessary that the City Council ban the fossil fuels, as well as prohibiting the use of single use plastic and straws. Also, it is important to ban styrofoam and promote recycling and a good separation of organic and inorganic waste. Also, the City Council can work with the government to make a program for cleaning the rivers, as other places have done. 

To make this proposal come true it’s really simple. Just put your name and sign digitally to send a message to the City Council and make our voices heard. We need to protect our biodiversity for the future of our planet and to achieve a sustainable human development. 

Thank you for your attention and be welcome to sign whenever you’re ready.