Petition to Etobicoke Humane Society Board of Directors

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Petition to the Etobicoke Humane Society (EHS) Board of Directors (BOD) 

RE:  Recent Actions Towards Dog Shelter Volunteers

Dear EHS volunteers and members,

On December  8, 2018, the EHS Board of Directors made the decision to dismiss two long-standing EHS volunteers without cause.  Prior to dismissal, neither volunteer had any contact with administration for any reason in relation to behavior/performance/attitude/skills.  They received no prior communication or warnings.  Both volunteers received the same standard dismissal letter without any justification or reason for dismissal.  Neither volunteer was in a managerial role at EHS.

Due to the actions of their board and their failure to respond to questions:

  • Numerous volunteers have resigned
  • Many of the remaining volunteers have lost faith in the EHS BOD and have voiced their concerns, questioning the BOD's decisions and actions
  • Several donors have removed their support (i.e. Embley Park Foundation)
  • The reputation of the volunteers in question has been negatively impacted

Typically changes to a volunteer-run charity organization are communicated to all volunteers and members prior to implementation; volunteers have the right to voice their opinions and disagree without reprimand.  If the direction of the board is clearly communicated, volunteers can better understand and align with the same vision.

In this case, it appears that two well-respected and hard-working volunteers, who have collectively spent over 10 years as volunteers at EHS, were terminated because they stood up to the board and voiced their concerns.

We are requesting:

  1. A review of the EHS Volunteer Management Policy, particularly with respect to the dismissal of volunteers
    Such a policy should also include a provision for an independent review committee and an appeals process for termination cases.
  2. An apology to the two dismissed volunteers as well as to all volunteers
  3. A revocation of the terminations letters issued to the two volunteers.

Please join us in holding the board accountable by signing this petition.