Enforce a Foresenic Audit @ FUSD

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FUSD receives over 500 million dollars in funding for our students through the LCAP/LCFF approx. $11,000-14,000 each child depending on grade. That's not to mention all this grants, Lottery money over 7 million a year, Title One, CTE Grant, prop 39, and many more. Our schools are understaffed and the District is overstaffed. Our kids deserve ACCOUNTABILITY, but they are not getting it. Local control is supposed to protect them from misuse of funds. But when you have leaders who WE ELECTED, but refuse to listen to anyone, none of the employees, community, not even the students themselves. The Board does nothing but approve millions of dollars of unaccounted for services. Bonus pay, other pay, rolling over cut car allowances into salaries, thousands of dollars in surplus and recycled items, money for everything but the classrooms. When LCAP started we never saw any improvement, only more hires in administration. The superintendent has NO teaching or administrative credentials, but is in control of everything. Our city is protecting the corrupt administration. These are the people who build the pipelines to prison for our children. Our local assemblymember and senator will not help our students, maybe because they are friends with people who have something to loose, or maybe they dont believe people they know are corrupt. But our kids and the hard working employees deserve someone to pay attention. Its time we demand accountability, if we don't no one will. 

Please our kids deserve a forensic audit done by the state.  If granted it wil not cost the school district any money. What do we have to loose?  Our children's education. Please sign and share. It takes a village to raise a kid, it takes us all to stand up and demand accountability, without that nothing will ever change.  Please sign and share.

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