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Agree On Permanent Peace Between Argentina, Britain and Chile.

April 2, 2013, 11:11 AM Eastern US time:
The Falkland Islands, the other subantarctic islands nearby, and the
Palmer Peninsula region of Antarctica have been the subject of
recent disputes between Argentina, Chile and the United Kingdom,
once leading to open undeclared warfare between Argentina and
the UK; and at least once leading to sabre-rattling between the
three countries over issues other than the Falklands; otherwise
known as the Malvinas.
Pursuant to UN Resolution 502 (April 3, 1982) which was adopted
after the Falklands War broke out on March 19, 1982; I propose the
following permanent peace terms for the three neighboring
Southern Hemisphere nations of Argentina, Britain and Chile:
1) Argentina, Chile and the United Kingdom mutually agree to
negotiate and solve all issues between them in a manner which
is peaceful and amicable.
2) The Falkland Islands and the adjoining EEZ seabed and
waters, as well as the airspace above and the earth below,
belong to the United Kingdom, as a self-governing territory. The
governments of Argentina, Britain and Chile recognize
that the wishes of the people of the Falkland Islands for
self-government under British protection and suzerainty
are pre-eminent, and override any issues of historic
claims, for as long as the people of the Falklands shall
voluntarily choose to remain under British rule, as
British subjects or in any other manner. Accordingly,
all three nations agree to respect the environmental
protection laws and codicils legislated by the people
of the Falklands and the British parliament, respecting
the Falklands Islands or Islas Malvinas. The term
"Malvinas" is simply to be understood as the Spanish
non-cognate translation for the English-language
geographic term "Falklands". All three nations respect
the right of the government of Great Britain to conduct
plebiscites in the Falklands; and to respect the results
of each and every plebiscite as being legally binding for
twenty-five years; insofar as a referendum on the self-
determination of the people of the Falklands.
3) The islands generally to the east and south and southwest
of the Falklands, which are located north
of the sixtieth parallel of latitude south of the equator,
which have been traditionally claimed by Britain, are recognized
by all three nations as the territory of Great Britain.
All other claims of all other nations to the South Georgia, South
Orkney and South Shetland Archipelagos are to be dropped, by mutual
agreement between Argentina, Chile and Great Britain.
4) Britain shall have a 75% share in the ownership
of all oil reserves of the Falklands and its exclusive
economic zone; Argentina shall have a 20% share
and Chile shall have a 5% share in the same resources.
Both Argentina and Chile shall have sovereign drilling
rights within a sector of 49% of the Falklands exclusive
economic zone, shared equally with Britain and on the
western side of Falkland Straits, subject to conditions
agreed upon with Britain and approved by the British
government and the government of the Falklands
in advance. Neither Argentina nor Chile shall have
the legal right to unilaterally drill for oil in the Falklands
EEZ without prior approval from Britain, nor to explore
for oil or any other Falklands mineral resource without the prior
approval of the British government and the government
of the Falklands.
5) By the end of the year 2019, all mines and minefields will
have been cleared from the Falklands territory by the British
military authorities, and by NATO forces training in mine-
clearing missions.
6) The Argentine military cemetery west of Darwin; and up to 19
square miles of territory adjoining the cemetery may be allocated
by the British Parliament as granted to the sovereignty of
Argentina; on the condition that the United Kingdom control
the airspace above it in flight paths of all aircraft; and
shall completely control the seas around it as a sovereign,
except for any delineated shared joint-
use corridors of territorial navigation. Part of this
19 square miles may be exchanged for one parcel
of contiguous territory in one other part of the Falklands
which adjoins the seacoast and is administered as
sovereign territory by Argentina. The territory
administered by Argentina within the Falklands
archipelago may be termed the Malvinas; and
may not be fortified; it shall be under the military
protection of Great Britain. The boundaries of
this sovereign territory of Argentina within the
Falklands archipelago shall be determined
unilaterally by Great Britain, and the government
of the United Kingdom shall consult with the
government of Argentina in cartographic decisions
respecting the allocation of Argentine sovereign
territory in the Falklands. The government of
Argentina will have the right to operate schools,
colleges, research facilities, post offices, and
other facilities characteristic of Government,
including the building and maintenance of
housing projects, memorials and homes;
but the Government of Argentina will not have
the right to operate long-term prisons and
penetentiaries within the Falklands Archipelago,
unless by prior explicit separate agreement
with Great Britain and the Falklands government.
The Argentine sovereign territory government
shall not be part of the government of the Falklands
as now constituted, but shall form its own
government. Great Britain shall have the right
to regulate immigration and customs and
tourist traffic throughout all parts of the Falklands
even after the granting of Argentine sovereign
territory rights within the Falklands. The
government of the Falklands shall have the
right to veto any such territorial granting which
does not conform to its specifications. The Government
of Great Britain shall have the right to operate
border inspection stations at any roads used
to connect the Argentine and British sectors
of the Falklands. The British government may
exclude Argentine sovereign territory and its
residents from any plebiscites which it
conducts with respect to any referendum
on the future status or suzerainty of the
7) Chile shall be granted a parcel of
territory within the Falklands Archipelago
at the discretion of the Government of the
United Kingdom, not to exceed four square miles.
This grant shall be similar to the grant accorded to
The Falkland Islands government shall have the
right to veto any such arrangement.
8) The Falkland Islands, if and when it shall accord
sovereign territory to Argentina and Chile, shall be a
free-trade zone under British supervision and customs
regulations, within which citizens of any of the three
nations may trade freely within the law.
9) Argentina agrees to drop all claims,
diplomatic language and official
educational statements accusing Britain
and the people of the Falkland Islands of
"colonialism", "imperialism" and the
like; and to rescind all overt pronouncements,
official assertions, maps and diplomatic language stating that
"Las Malvinas son Argentinos" or the equivalent of same.
The government of Argentina also agrees to repudiate all
past statements to the effect that the British character,
presence, culture or defense of the Falkland Islands is
somehow definably colonialist or imperialist. Moreover,
the government of Argentina agrees to respect the
British character and people of the Falklands; and to
drop all historic quarrels with Great Britain and the
people of the Falklands with regard to any territorial
or sovereign issue pertaining to the Falklands. The
governments of Britain and Argentina agree to refrain
from bellicose language in any handling of any
issue related to the Falkland Islands.
10) Argentinian and Chilean fishing vessels shall
have sovereign fishing rights in the waters east of the
Falklands Straits within the Falklands Exclusive
Economic Zone; and innocent passage in the
entire zone; on condition that the fishing vessels
of Argentina and Chile report to the British government
all incursions into the Falklands Exclusive Economic Zone
by vessels of nations other than these three; whenever these
incursions shall be noticed.
11) Great Britain shall be the suzerain of the
South Georgia Islands and South Shetland
and South Orkney Islands and all other
appurtenant territories north of the sixtieth
parallel of latitude south, and south of the
12) Chile and Argentina shall have the right
to operate facilities for scientific exploration
and other peaceful purposes within the South
Georgia, South Shetland and South Orkney
Island areas, conditional to prior consultation
with the Government of Great Britain describing
exactly what type of activity is to be conducted, and
the territorial location and scope of such activity
together with the expected duration of such activity;
which shall not be for a lease of more than twenty
years. The terms and conditions of such leases
shall be very similar to that which would be
exercised south of the sixtieth parallel of latitude south
under the Antarctic Treaty by any nation agreeing thereto.
13) If and when any of the three nations decides to forego
further territorial claims in the subantarctic islands of the
Falklands and adjoining British territories, that nation shall
then notify the other two that it no longer intends to press or
establish its territorial claims or rights in the aforesaid area
after a certain preordained date. It shall then formally inquire
whether the other two nations will decide to join it. If only
one or two of the nations decide to drop claims; then the
remaining one or two which still do press and maintain
territorial claims shall agree to respect the interests of
the nation so absolving itself of its subantarctic claims
to these islands; and these interests may be stated
by the nation or nations so absolving, for the record.
14) If, at any time, the Falkland Islands decides to
exercise its right of self-determination to declare
independence from Great Britain, Argentina and
Chile as well as Great Britain all agree to respect
and recognize that condition of independence of
the Falkland Islands. If and when that independence
is declared, the Falkland Islands territory shall also
include the islands and exclusive economic zones
of other nearby archipelagos under British rule, such
as the South Georgia, South Shetland and South Orkney
archipelagos. If and when the Falklands Islands
decide to declare independence from Great
Britain, the sovereign zones and rights of other nations in
the Falkland Archipelago and Exclusive Economic
Zone shall become independent under one single
domain - in other words, the British Falklands cannot
declare and effectuate its independence if Argentina
or Chile still has a territorial foothold in the Falklands at
the time of independence; the islands must become
independent as a single contiguous geographic entity
unencumbered by any overlapping claim; and as a
condition of such independence, Argentina, Britain and
Chile must all agree equally to renounce all claims to all
parts of the Falklands..
15) Once having renounced a territorial or
other claim in the Falklands or adjacent subantarctic
islands, no nation may reinstate that claim.
Whenever all three nations, Argentina, Britain and Chile,
agree to rescind all territorial claims to the Falklands at
the same time, and if in the interim the Falkland Islands
or any adjoining archipelago to which all three nations
have agreed to renounce all further claims thereto,
have not shown any interest in maintaining self-rule or
an independent government, then under this circumstance
or under similar circumstances there shall be an agreement
between Argentina, Britain and Chile to amend the Antarctic
Treaties to include the subantarctic islands so named at that
time, within the writ and venue and domain of the Antarctic
Treaties, so that the status of any such islands may be
equivalent to that of the Antarctic lands south of sixty
degrees of latitude south of the Equator.
16 Argentina, Chile and Great Britain agree to renounce
all conflicting claims in Antarctica and all waters and
exclusive economic zones south of sixty degrees of
latitude south, including all sectors delineated by
cartographers. Furthermore, all three nations agree
to abide by and respect the terms of the Antarctic
Treaties for all intents and purposes regarding both
the land now described as under these treaties, or
any subantarctic islands or territories or EEZs which
may be added thereto. All three nations also agree to
act in concert and communicative accordance to prevent
the militarization of the Antarctic Treaty lands including
the Subantarctic Islands if and when these islands
attain such status, by any outside powers.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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