Crisis Pay: Give Frontline Healthcare Workers The Pay They Deserve

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New York City is not only the world's epicenter for commerce and trade, but unfortunately is now the epicenter for the new Covid-19 disease. As we battle to fight this crisis and its effect of many unknown ripples, one thing is for certain - you can't fight a battle without soldiers.

Gov. Hutchinson of Arkansas just announced an initiative that involves paying direct care workers working with COVID-19 patients an additional $2,000 per month. Together let's get Gov. Cuomo to act in kind.

As an ICU nurse I risk not only my health, but the health of others should I myself get infected. I am just one of many that make all efforts to slow or halt the spread of this virus to patients, coworkers, and family alike. We sacrifice time with the ones we love in an effort to protect them.

There are many of us as the sole providers for our families. If in the unfortunate event that one of us were to succumb to this disease, there are many that would be left without much. We are in short supplies of PPE and other life saving equipment. N95 were never meant for long term use.

Protect us. Help protect others. Compensate us appropriately. Thank you.