Criminalize Racism. Expel Convicted Racists - anti-Africanism in Africa, is TREASON.

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South Africa, and Africa as a whole, has suffered centuries of exploitation and abuse at the hands of people who hate it and its people. They have used its vast resources, human and otherwise, to enrich themselves yet the continent remains the poorest. It is illogical that the source of Africa's tragedy, Racism and Exploitation, would remain tolerated - 25 years into Democracy.


Many with anti-African sentiments, live lavish lives built on the backs of Africa and its resources but lift their noses at Africa, when they aren't raising hands at Africans. They continue to dehumanize Africans, in Africa.


Laws were unashamedly used to nurture, support and legitimise these sentiments during Apartheid, and it will take laws to reverse the socioeconomic effects of this inhumane system. It is incomprehensible that there be hesitation, and an obsession with diplomacy towards a people who perpetrated a Crime Against Humanity against the indigenous people, while they continue to rub salt in the wounds of their gracious victims, this is when they aren’t denying the existence of these wounds. The continued brazen display of Apartheid related paraphernalia, race-based abuse, exploitation, economic exclusion, institutional racism, apartheid denialism and glorification  must all be outlawed.

South Africa's biggest socioeconomic stumbling block is the inequitable distribution of our country's wealth. Every single social ill, the poor invariably bear the biggest brunt of, stems from the African majority being excluded, from their African economy. This WILL NOT improve while a "lackadaisical" minority, with anti-African sentiments, are relied on for change. It is treasonous, for the minority, who are of European descent, to be in position to address the country's most pressing problem, and they simply desist into perpetuity. It is TREASON. Furthermore, it is an indictment on the state to enable this; the state has the obligation to defend the nation from foreign, and DOMESTIC, enemies.

Expulsion of anti-Africans, giving them the option to surrender citizenship rather than a fine/prison sentence, is not punishment – it is merely an act of self-preservation. They don't want to be in places where Africans are - that's all of Africa. This a measure to ensure all who remain in South Africa...will not continue to pose a threat to the dignity and progress of Africa and Africans.

Our country must be for all who live in it - while respecting the dignity of all they share it with.

We the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now and

1. Criminalize Racism

2. Have a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment

3. Surrendering citizenship must be given as an alternative to serving a prison term