Criminalise the “Anti-Rising Sun Flag” movement in Australia

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The anti-rising sun flag movement is a minority, extremist group of radicals, initially formed in South Korea, whose aim is to harass, and attempt to harm any business(es), or entity which incorporate any part of the Japan Self Defense Force Maritime Division's official, current ensign - the flag commonly known as the Rising Sun.
Japan, as an ally of Australia, the USA,. England, Korea, and other allied countries, flys this flag into all countries worldwide, with their consent.

The radical, right wing, "anti rising sun flag" movement, formed in 2012, is attempting to force their minority opinion on the free World, by way of intellectual and physical attacks on businesses in Australia (and abroad), the latest attacks being on 3 Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

These irresponsible, faceless, individuals are doing great harm, not only to decent, respectable Koreans, who reside peacefully in Australia, but also directly to Australians, and their businesses.

We, the undersigned, request that the current anti-rising sun flag movement, and any similar organisation, be designated a criminal organisation, in Australia, and membership, or support of the same, be designated an illegal activity, punishable by fine, imprisonment, cancellation of Australian student, or visitor, or other visa issued to non-Australian citizens.