Criminal Sanctions imposed by ANC

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The ANC is constantly violating human and constitutional rights for their self enrichment. South Africans unite against the ongoing corruption which benefits ANC members and their families. South Africans are being oppressed by unconstitutional laws and bylaws. Instead of fighting COVID-19, their only interest is to further oppress citizens.

Criminal Sanctions are punishments imposed by ANC on South African Citizens for violation of criminal laws or regulations 

Unlawful Imprisonment 
Infliction of pain or death
Capital punishment 
House arrest
Community supervision

Food parcels intended for all households ends up in the homes of ANC ministers and that of their direct family and friends or is sold to Wholesalers and Distributors alike.

Funding intended for COVID relief / Business relief only for certain races. 

SAPS & SANDF abusing their power, by intimidating, injuring unarmed citizens. Where SAPS & SANDF members and Minisiters break the COVID-19 regulations without being reprimanded - yet citizens are locked up. 

Deaths resulting from heart attacks, cancer, influenza, diabetes, murder and accidents unheard of since the lockdown was implemented on March the 26th 2020

In a so-called democratic country, the “freedom of speech” law is now silenced as South Africans May be jailed. Millions of South Africans May die due to hunger, starvation, malnutrition, anxiety, depression, suicide as a result of the ANC’s inability to be transparent.

19,000 Prisoners have been released to “combat” the virus, yet, surfing or jogging or selling Achaar can get you jailed

Make your voices heard. Break the silence. #ANCMustFall #VoteOfNoConfidence

“Fools multiply, when wisemen are silent” - Nelson Mandela