Justice For Titch. Everyone deserves a fair trial!

Justice For Titch. Everyone deserves a fair trial!

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Lisa Stepanovic started this petition to Criminal Cases Review Commission

Everyone Deserves a Fair Trial - Justice for Carl Dobson aka Crazy Titch!!

The #Justice4Titch campaign is determined that Carl Dobson aka Crazy Titch gets the justice that has, so far, been denied to him in the criminal justice system. In 2005 Titch was a 22-year-old with an exciting future ahead. As a pioneer of the Grime scene, together with his contemporaries, Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Kano, they were influencing hundreds of thousands of young people across the UK. Their passionate lyrics voiced the lived experiences of working-class kids while shining a light on our underrepresented communities. Every deprived housing estate was influenced by Grime music, it challenged the powers that be and offered a ‘way out’.

Within months of his career really taking off Titch was charged with the murder of Richard Holmes in Chingford. He stood trial in 2006 and was convicted.

We believe that conviction came about because of a combination of injustices:

  • Character assassination due to moral panic over a genre of urban music;
  • Joint enterprise law which often convicts individuals for crimes they haven’t committed (disproportionately young black men)
  • Anonymous witness testimonies which deny individuals the right to know their accusers;
  • Police failings in the investigation and handling of witnesses;
  • The inherent unreliability of eyewitness evidence;
  • The effect of institutional classism & racism within our court system;
  • Failings in representation. The previous solicitors firm representing Titch was shut down by the Law Society while preparing his defence.

The evidence, in this case, is unsafe and must be challenged again.

Everyone deserves a fair trial. Some of the facts we know and are in court records:

  • It was agreed at trial that Titch did not fire the fatal shot;
  • A supposed “eyewitness” failed to pick Titch out on an identification parade close to the date of the shooting. Six months later the same witness attended another parade and picked him out after having admitted that they had seen a ‘photograph’ of Crazy Titch in the Evening Standard naming him as a suspect; 
  • Another supposed eyewitness said to have been standing with this identifying eyewitness claimed to recognise Crazy Titch but was unable to pick him out on an identification parade very shortly after the shooting;
  • Another supposed eyewitness who did pick Titch out of the line-up admitted they had seen his photograph in newspapers or recognised him from music videos.

We have been working with criminal defence firm Commons for the past 18 months to take the case back and present new evidence to the Criminal Case Review Commission. We are seeking to overturn the conviction and we need your help.

If you believe everyone deserves a fair trial, join this campaign. 


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 Everybody deserves a Fair Trial #Justice4Titch 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!