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Crime reduction

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Nelson is being smashed with crime. 

It is happening every night, half of the crimes in Nelson and the greater area are not getting reported because nothing happens and know one is being held accountable.

Your friends and families are losing.

When you go to your work car or van in the morning to find it and your hard earned tools are gone, the job you were about to do could be over, the income you were getting from that job gone, the look on your children's face when you try to explain why you can't afford their new school gear or petrol for sports or visiting their friends on the weekend, Devastating.

People are becoming afraid of leaving their homes or going to sleep at night.

For whatever reason crime is becoming a massive problem and is only going to get worse in our beautiful city.

By doing nothing it's going to get worse, there are not enough police to try and solve these crimes in the old fashioned rudimentary way.

Time to step into the future.

Nelson city council needs to come into the future and install up to date CCTV cameras on all major intersections and acsess roads around the city.

This option dose not require a higher cost due to staffing, it is a passive system that records all movement around our city and can be accessed to assist in crime prevention and reduction. 

Yes there will be cost for up keep, a Council worker might have to actually work!

The technology is available now today, to get full photo quality images of cars and driver's at any time. 

If a crime is committed for example on the red Cross building or the emergency search and rescue then it would not take long to follow the car on camera to work out who it was or where it went.

PS, the two organizations mentioned have recently been robbed.

Would you rather some $100,000.00 pointless art installation or some security to help with keeping you safe?

Every time a crime is reported for insurance your insurance cost goes up. Price vs risk, more unsolved crime the higher the hisk.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

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