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While District 6 accounts for approximately 23% of all violent crime in Denver, we only have 12% of the police resources allocated to our district. It is time for the Chief of Police to dedicate the appropriate amount of resources to District 6!

Letter to
Chief of Police Robert White
Mayor Michael Hancock
Councilwoman for District 10 Jeanne Robb
and 1 other
Councilman for District 8 Albus Brooks
The Colfax Coalition is a group of residents, businesses, registered neighborhood organizations, and elected officials working together with the Denver Police Department to improve public safety along Colfax Avenue and in the adjacent residential neighborhoods. Our focus is the area between Broadway and Downing from 13th to 18th Avenues. It is the most diverse and densely populated part of Denver and encompasses the vibrant, thriving businesses along Colfax.

We are very supportive of the Denver Police Department, our community policing partners at District 6, Chief White and especially Commander Lopez and his team of hard working police officers. We are focused on developing solutions that will change the landscape of Colfax – Denver’s original main street – to encourage business growth and make it safer and friendlier for pedestrians. We believe that this requires a collaborative approach that engages our policing partners, businesses, elected officials, and residents.

While it is our goal to provide solutions, we also believe that we need to share information about the current state of the area with the community and those that we wish to engage. The information in this e-mail is intended to encourage all businesses and residents to lobby the Chief of Police and Mayor to allocate more resources to District 6. As it stands, approximately 12% of the city-wide police resources are dedicated to District 6 while it has historically accounted for 23% of all crime in Denver since 2009. In general, the police resources dedicated to District 6 are just not enough.

In District 6, crimes against persons (the most serious offenses) have increased by 31% since 2009 while it has only increased by 2% in the rest of the City.

Our goal is not to appear alarmist but facts are facts – and, right now, the facts are not favorable. We do not have the appropriate allocation of police resources in District 6 and we need this to change if we want to accomplish our mission! We believe that given the availability of almost real-time crime data, police resources should be allocated to each District by the current rate of crime and that the allocation of resources should be re-assessed on at least an annual basis.

We are committed to doing our part as a coalition to develop and implement solutions that engage businesses, residents, and other City resources to turn our goal into a reality. We understand that the police are only one part of the solution – but a very important part! We refuse to give up until Colfax becomes as safe as any other street in our great City.

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