Judges should make childrens services produce factual evidence before they remove children

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Children's Services make allegations in  reports to family court which are not properly investigated their is no evidence no proof to support their case.these reports can be libelous and defamatory and can obtain nothing but 

conjecture on the part of Children's Services also" huge parts of relevent and important evidence has been ommitted" in the local authorities analysis a lot of their evidence can be nothing but hear say or false accusations coming from an aggrieved parent who will also say they have been subjected to domestic violence just to get back at you to get legal aid to help them fight their lies 

and it is being used against a parent / parents children are being removed from a parent / parents on the basis an allegation has been made and that the child or children or are likely? to suffer sever  harm or emotional harm even when no investigations have taken place  before they are removed from a loving family home.childrens servises are not reporting to the police that a child has been assaulted?  they are not asking courts for emergency protection orders and are not providing evidence to support this emergency if they do they remove the child / children first before they even ask and to make things worse legal aid has been removed from family court and a parent /parents who do not have the means to have a solicitor have no chance of fighting .

The changes to family law in 2014 have done an injustice to families an injustice to the child/children children are not even being heard or rarely heard in family court 

Children's Services can say and do what they like and are not even being made accountable for when they get it wrong WHERE IS THE JUSTICE

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION for every child and every parent who has been removed from a loving home due to Children's Services actions