Crime and Corruption Commission Inquiry into the Sunshine Coast Council

Crime and Corruption Commission Inquiry into the Sunshine Coast Council

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Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland and

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Started by Miles Livingstone

As a ratepayer and resident of the Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) electorate, I am calling on Bruce Barbour, chairman of the Crime and Corruption Commission QLD (CCC) to open an inquiry into Council’s timeline, planning decisions, potential conflicts of interest, ties to disgraced former SE QLD Council Members and also the  subsequent court case/s involving Sunshine Coast Council VS Community groups / Ratepayers / Residents.

After receiving over 9000 written responses in direct opposition to the development of the Yaroomba Beachfront, and going against the majority of its constituents as determined through Councils own community consultation process, SCC forged ahead with questionable motives, planning decisions and common sense, to allow Sekisui House to proceed in contravention to the 2014 SCC Planning Scheme. This was met with large public backlash, and as a result, local community groups took both Sekisui House and SCC’s decision to the planning court. This decision was lost. The appeal was subsequently taken to the Supreme Court, which has now since been upheld.

Sunshine Coast Councils conduct throughout this entire process raises a lot of questions.

Where did the money come from to support Council through the court process? 

Was ratepayers money used?

Why should community consultation processes that result in record numbers of either for/against submissions not determine the outcome?

Why should local community groups, ratepayers and residents have to hold Council accountable in regards to planning schemes etc?

What happens to money spent by council now that the appeal is lost?

How much has this entire process cost the ratepayer?

Have councillors disclosed all gifts, trips, loans, donations, chattels etc directly tied to Sekisui House?

Will Ratepayers/Residents receive a clear and transparent accounting of the entire process?

I am sure there are many more questions that need answering. 

Thanks for your time 

513 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!