ICC should allow 12 nations in World cup 2019 (not 10)

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For too long, we cricket fans have allowed a bunch of bankers and wankers to ruin the sport by its commercial and political gains.

That's why cricket is still such an elitist sport , run by selfish muppets.

But if ICC really wants to expand the sport of cricket globally, the world cup 2019 must find space for 12 nations. The 10 legacy test nations, including west indies and Zimbabwe must get automatic qualification. The remaining 2 spots should be the best 2 nations out of the associate pool.

And it's easy. All that ICC has to do, and what we are petitioning for, is that ICC allows the top 4 teams in the ongoing ICC qualifying tournament through to the main event in England in 2019. These top 4 teams, who have played amazing cricket, deserve to join the other 8 topranked teams.

After all if Iceland can rock the football world cup, and if Kenya could rock the cricket world cup 2003 , this is the most fair thing to do. For cricket. For us fans. And for the brave lionhearts from Zimbabwe, Scotland, Ireland, Afghanistan etc who are now being shut out by the selfish bankers who run cricket disguised as ICC administrators.