Time to go James Sutherland CEO, Cricket Australia

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It is time to fix the mess in Australian cricket. The attitude of Australian cricket has been one of arrogance and disrespect towards their opposition as displayed by a number of members of the team. There has been many embarrassing episodes such as the recent Ashes series in Australia where the England side were on the receiving end of the 4-0 result and then rubbing salt in the wound with the 4-0 hand symbols in the background. 

David Warner has had a number of incidents that has brought discredit to the Australian cricket team over the years. As Vice Captain he has shown little respect or regard to the Baggy Green and to the reputation of Australian cricket. What has been the consequences from James Sutherland for all these indiscretions? He even admitted to not even watching Steve Smith's emotional statement to the media!

As Mickey Arthur, the former coach of the team, recognised the Australian team's "boorish and arrogant" attitude and culture was always going to end badly. Well that it has and it is going to cost the individuals and Cricket Australia a lot. The fans deserve better.

Serious and substantial change must follow. The individuals involved have been dealt with, the coach, whilst exonerated, has now also chosen to step down to allow change to happen. James Sutherland, after 17 years as CEO, it is time you also went as well. You have had long enough to bring change. If it has not happened in 17 years, it will never happen under your watch.