Sack Nick Hockley

Sack Nick Hockley

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Started by Chris Tenni

Nick Hockley is a bumbling, fumbling excuse of a CEO.
He was appointed to CEO of Cricket Australia following the successful running of a womens world T20 at home in which the sheer brilliance of the womens side delivered the win.
He has hitched his cart to their achievements all the way to the top job.
Since being in place he has presided over the complete dismantling of the Australian cricket summer, disjointed fixturing, rigid inflexibility and now the crescendo is the treatment of Justin Langer.
Langer is an Australian Legend. I repeat, Justin Langer is an Australian Legend.
His achievements on the field representing Australia are exceptional. His career forged a grittiness and toughness being an "outsider", left on the outer for extended periods until ultimately finding his role opening the batting, forming a historic, feared opening partnership with Matthew Hayden.
Langer the coach boasts numerous BBL titles, OD Domestic titles before taking the reigns of a national side in turmoil in South Africa.
Langer corrected the ship, fixed the culture and returned success to our national team.

The test side is currently ranked #1 and plays in a manner that is frightening opposition sides, blessed with depth and quality throughout. The recent Ashes victory 4.95-nil is a testament to a well drilled side, well coached and tactically astute. This victory comes on the back of an away Ashes series in which Australia retained the Ashes in a tough fought series in which Australia dominated for periods.

Before Langer's appointment the T20 side had failed an the international stage. Langer brings brilliant strategy and role definement which has allowed numerous players to have confidence in their game which has delivered greater consistency, confidence and ultimately performance. The World T20 title is a trophy that has alluded Australia and Langer's role in achieving this cannot be understated.

Langer's commitment to Cricket in Australia cannot be questioned and ultimately the decision not to repay the commitment and performance with a contract renewal by Nick Hockley is simply unacceptable.

I call on Nick Hockley to resign immediately and Justin Langer to be reinstated as Australian Cricket Coach with immediate effect.

Nick Hockley is incompetent, inexperienced, out of touch, clumsy, lacking cricket intellect, lacking administrative judgement and has disrespected an Australian Legend. 

Sack this blow-in immediately.

I cannot express in more clear terms that Nick Hockley must take the fall for this absolutely disgraceful mistreatment of our Australian Legend, the media speculation, the failure to back their successful coach in, it is simply unacceptable and rests with one man, Nick Hockley.

128 have signed. Let’s get to 200!