Make cheating Australian cricketers return the Ashes to England.

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In the light of recent events, it has become clear that the Australian Cricket team have been using illegal methods of ball tampering to create artificial movement on the ball. Throughout the Ashes series, we were all amazed how the Australian team could create such fantastic movement whilst the England bowlers were unable to gain similar such movement after the initial few overs. Now that the leadership group of the team have admitted to cheating to gain such movement during the current series where they have been caught red-handed, it seems highly unlikely that the incredible movement created by the team to win the Ashes series was created by skill alone. Like a thief being caught red-handed and pleading that this was the first time that he'd ever done such a thing, the Australians claim that they have never done anything like this before and rather than insult the intelligence of the World of Cricket, Australia should return the Ashes trophy and abdicate all claims of fair victory in the 2017/18 series and ask the ICC to remove all records of this series from all first-class cricketing records.

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