Reduce the ban for Smith, Bancroft and Warner

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The penalties that Steve Smith, Cameron Bancroft and David Warner have been given by Cricket Australia are far too substantial for the actions that they committed. While the ICC has been far too lenient on players attempting to alter the condition of the ball, and the Australian public want their players to be held to a higher standard, the punishments given to the players go way beyond that. The public want behaviour that brings the game into disrepute to be stamped out and we value integrity, however we also value fairness and the penalties given to these three players are not fair. 

The decision by the Cricket Australia board to ban these players for 12 months (Smith & Warner) and 9 months (Bancroft) should be reconsidered and reduced to 6 months for the following reasons:

- The players have already shown regret and remorse. 

- Reputational damage to the players alone has been and will be significant. 

- Financial losses to the players will total in the millions through loss of playing contracts and sponsorship deals. 

- Loss of leadership responsibilities is also a significant, although fair, price to pay. 

- Even following the bans the players will have to earn their spot back in the side and may never play test cricket for Australia again (the harshest penalty that anyone could receive). 

- Longer bans will ensure that the saga continues to stay at the forefront of the cricketing public’s mind meaning we will not be able to move forward.

- Having a significantly weakened side for the test series’ against Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka will damage the reputation of Australian cricket and tarnish the outcome of those series’. 

- International cricketers have been charged with ball tampering numerous times in the past and none of them have suffered the reputational or financial impacts like these 3 players, let alone been banned for a year.