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Religious accomadation

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To whom it may concern at Crest Discount Foods.


High Priest. V.J. Beall of Universal Life Church Monestary is employed by Crest Discount Foods as an overnight stocker at store #3 (Corprate store).


On July 6, 2011,  overnight stocker, High Priest. V.J. Beall was instructed by the grocery manager (Justin) that he could no longer wear his Wiccan 5 Elements Pentacle Handmade Belt Buckle (while on duty).  When asserted that his religious rights were being violated, High Priest V.J. Beall was immediately told that his Buckle was offensive.  On July 10, 2012,  High Priest V.J. Beall met with personnel and store manager of the corporate store in Edmond, OK seeking religous accomadation  (as is required by law in Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964).


  • May an employee wear religious garb or symbols to work?

 Employers must attempt to accommodate employees who, for religious reasons, must maintain a particular physical appearance or manner of dress in keeping with the tenets of their religion. Again, accommodation is required only if it can be made without undue hardship to the employer. When it comes to religious apparel, typically only safety concerns constitute undue hardship. 


After both parties were handed above mentioned information, Personnel (Lori) stated that said buckle was very offensive.

Store manager (Mario) then proceded to compare wearing said buckle to consuming alcohol while on duty.  Although both are legal, neither are allowed at Crest.  You may wear what you want when not at work.  


Crest Foods Employee Hand Book states that "Belts must be used if belt loops exist."  There is nothing that states what kind of buckle is to be used.


High Priest. V.J. Beall of Universal Life Church Monestary wears said buckle for many religious reasons.   Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not require that you know, understand, or even question those reasons but does infact require you to allow him to do so regardless of any personal or religious views you may have.  It is his religous right to do so and I strongly urge you to respect that right in accordance with  Equal opportunity employment laws.

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