Demand the police act on our hacked referendum

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Dear Cressida Dick and Lynne Owens,

We’d like to report a crime. Our democracy has been stolen. And we want it back.

Over 12 months ago the Electoral Commission asked you to investigate serious allegations against both Leave campaigns. But despite a letter from over 77 MPs demanding answers, despite our own politicians taking you to court – you’ve done nothing.

So now it’s our turn. The people.

We count on you. Not only to police our streets, but our democracy too. Like the U.S. ours has been hacked. But unlike the U.S. we have no Mueller style investigation. And what kind of message do you think that sends about policing in the United Kingdom?

A man throws a milkshake at Nigel Farage and gets 12 months community service. Nigel Farage, Aaron Banks and Johnson throw our referendum and walk scot free.

Stolen Facebook data, £8million of (very probably) Russian money, 1.5 billion lies on Facebook - every week a new revelation.

And then there’s the Russian state sponsored cyber war. Johnson claims he’s not seen a sausage of evidence. But Lynne, as head of the NCA you know this statement is as bent as the bananas he falsely claimed the EU were trying to regulate.

Perhaps you could point him in the direction of the US Senate report on Russian interference. Or the Atlantic Commission which states the evidence is now “incontrovertible”. Over 150,000 fake twitter accounts and a campaign of misinformation valued at over £4million pounds. Not to mention his own ministers  cosying up to Russian spies via shady pressure group, Conservative Friends of Russia.

If Brexit was an egg and spoon race, it would have been disqualified by now. Yet the chief source of investigation into the greatest heist this country has ever seen isn’t the Met Police or the NCA. It’s a few lone journalists.

Cressida, Lynne, when you became a public servant you took an oath. To protect all people, with impartiality. Not just the ones who set the police budget. History will not judge you kindly, if you stand idly by and allow this smash and grab of our democracy. Failure to act is still an act.

An act of violence against this country and its democratic processes. Against the people you’ve sworn to defend – not just from hoodies and car thieves, but from billionaires trying to unshackle themselves from stricter EU tax laws, whatever the cost. Against women who now find themselves stranded on an island with a Leader of the House of Commons, against abortion even in cases of rape. Against victims of the rising tide of “letter box” racism and homophobic attacks. Against all 67million of us who will be forced into a trade deal with a climate denying, pussy grabbing America despot.

The alarm bells are ringing. This is not a drill. Be our Skywalker. Our Katniss Everdeen.

Johnson may have shut parliament. But he hasn’t barred the gates of New Scotland Yard, or the National Crime agency.


You have until the 31st of October. We, the people, beg you to act.

Prosecute those responsible for Brexit crimes.

And save our democracy.


The British People.