Demote Machry from SSF2 Universe Staff

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Machry(Kevbot#4382) is a member of the SSF2 Universe staff team. In SSF2 Universe, Machry tends to have a strict or rude behavior due to their own high self-esteem. They try to pop in the chat at times and say something just to attempt to be likable to other members. As to where the rest, they're strict, abusive, and disrespectful.

A few others and I have concluded some reasons why we believe Machry should be demoted:

  • Machry has a deep grudge against certain members, including myself.
  • They mute people for doing the slightest thing such as posting a picture they don't like in the chat. They're strict when it comes to following the rules, but they break rules such as Rule II themselves.
  • They have no regard for how the server was built up to what it is today, over the span of one whole year. Mainly, because they aren't even an SSF2 Universe Vet.
  • Machry is highly hypocritical, insulting the staff team anytime they're not on it but then gets upset if anybody insults the staff while they're on it.
  • Machry can seem like a nice person, but is quickly deceiving. Having an ego so high they cannot genuinely apologize or accept an apology unless they feel like the bigger person in the argument.
  • Machry tends to get people to turn against someone at their will by spreading rumors or biased opinions.
  • They get into a dramatic argument anytime somebody disagrees with their ideas. Which makes them stop at nothing to push their ideas and the argument further while holding a grudge on the person who disagreed with their decision.
  • He threatens people with mutes/kicks and uses that power free to his will with no care at all.
  • Their strictness quickly turns into abuse when they get annoyed by the slightest thing. Which leads to a long mute with an undetermined time. They don't get unmuted until Machry feels like unmuting them.
  • He doesn't know how to react to things and lacks the maturity required to be an administrator of SSF2 Universe.

Along with the reasons above, we have gathered some images that support the reasons we provide. (

The reason this petition was made was to attempt to fix the current staff and bring enjoyment back to the server I founded with Creptiqal over one year ago. My goal is to restore SSF2 Universe to its former glory and make it even better than it is now.

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