Protect the people of Great Whale River from breathing in toxic fumes.

Protect the people of Great Whale River from breathing in toxic fumes.

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Whapmagoostui and Kuujjuarapik are two towns side by side. Whapmagoostui is the most Northern Cree community in Eeyou Istchee and Kujjuuarapik is the most southern Inuit village in Nunavik. Together there are approximately 1,500 Cree, Inuit and non-natives living together in one small community. 

1,500 individuals who have been breathing in toxic air for years now. Despite community outrage, the local dump, that can be found not even a km away from the community airport has been repeatedly set on fire. Often when the wind is blowing towards the community and it's people. Multiple times a week, all year round. 

Alternative solutions have been promised but not delivered. The two governments that share this community will not collaborate on many issues and the people of Great Whale River can't wait any longer. 

There is medical evidence that shows living in close proximity to land fills and dump sites can cause all sorts of medical problems including cancer and respiratory diseases. And with the limited access to medical care to reserves Northern Canada is an aggravating issue. 

Therefore, we, the people demand the immediate cessation of the burning of garbage and for our community leaders to put aside differences and find a solution for all of us. 

Please, protect our people!