Medical Marijuana should not be a reason to deny treatment for ANYTHING!

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My daughter was turned down for treatment at the Credit Valley Hospital Eating Disorder program as she is on medical marijuana for a host of medical issues. When she explained the reasons for being on medical marijuana the physician running the program advised her to “ ask her doctor to put her on narcotics instead” ...I ask you how the heck can any physician deny treatment solely because he does not like medical marijuana, which is legally sold in Canada to anyone? It is unfair to judge my daughter or anyone who is open to alternative treatments.

My daughter has been on the waiting list at Credit Valley since May of this year for treatment that could very well save her life & the lives of others battling Eating Disorders....don’t let their wait be in vain because certain physicians have prehistoric beliefs when it comes to treatments like medical marijuana.


Is this Bedrock or Ontario?

Please support us by signing this petition so we can let all Physicians know that we won’t stand for medical decisions based on your moral beliefs versus legal treatments.