Credit rating penalties for parents who repeatly fail to make child maintenance payments

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Currently parents who repeatly refuse to make child maintenance payments receive no penalties and cases rarely get escalated to court. Essentially the child maintenance service has few powers to enforce payments meaning millions of vulnerable, single parent families, mainly women, are going without the child support they are entitled to. This is a huge added stress on women who already have the pressure of raising their children independently, many of which have fled domestic violence to then by subjected to continued financial abuse by ex partners who refuse to pay or play the current system by making one payment every 6 months to avoid further penalties, which can take years to enforce. This is an appalling situation and could easily be remedied by introducing more stringent legislation which penalises repeated failure to make payments by effecting the credit score of repeatedly, non paying parents. A similar system is in place for all those that don't pay credit agreements so lets make the situation of parents paying for the welfare of their own children at least as much of a priority!