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Make Total War™: WARHAMMER® Complete On Release

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This is a Request to the Developers of Total War™: WARHAMMER®.

With the recent announcement of the Total War series going into the World of Warhammer, long time fans of the series were eager to learn more. Without divulging more than a few basic details of the game, Creative Assembly and Sega announced a Pre-Order only bonus in the form of a DLC.

The DLC contains the Chaos Warriors race which has been seen in the trailers as a nearly completed, if not completely developed, race. This comes 6 months in advance of the sales which strongly supports the suspicions of Cut Content.

The Total war Community have been very vocal on past grievances with Rome 2's disastrous launch, the endless DLCs, and a need to make the game an overall complete experience. Apparently, this feedback was not taken in by the Developers. They have returned to the horrible practice of cutting features/races from the main game to sell separately or boost sales by forcing players to Prepurchase. This shows little regard to the loyal CA fans that have supported this company for the past 15 years.

It is time to show faith and loyalty to the customers and fans as we have placed it in CA throughout these years. We demand to have a game that is Complete and without Cut Content. We are troubled by the direction the gaming industry has taken and we believe CA and Sega can rise above the dishonest practices.

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