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South Florida the 51st state

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South Florida is in a very precarious position.  Not only are we in harms way due to rising sea levels caused by global warming, but most of South Florida sits on porous limestone so sea water rises from beneath the ground causing saltwater intrusion into our freshwater supply as well as flooding.  Most of South Florida is only 15 feet or less above sea level and in  areas near the coast less than 5 feet.  This includes the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee. By 2070 sea level may rise as much as 5 to 10 feet unless we can reduce the contributing causes.  .

Although the new South Florida will constitute only 35% of Florida's 67 counties and 39% of the state's area, we have more than 67% of the state"s population and pay more than 69% of the state's taxes.

Lake Okeechobee , located in South Florida, is the second largest freshwater lake in the United States and an integral part of the water supply to South Florida, and would be severely compromised by rising sea level.

While virtually all scientists now agree that climate change is a reality, our governor Rick Scott and now our president elect Donald J. Trump, refuse to consider the reality of climate change.  In fact, our new president wants to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and even allow oil exploration, drilling and fracking in South Florida,  disregarding any lessons learned from BP disaster.  He even wants the United States to pull out from the new Paris accord on climate change.

For the reasons mentioned above I strongly advocate the separation of North and South Florida.

Splitting the state of Florida into two states may prove to be even more beneficial to North Florida than South Florida.  The average elevation in North Florida is about 100 feet, as high as 150.  Sea level rise will significantly drive up infrastructure cost in South Florida, creating a huge financial burden on North Florida.  And while the population continues to grow in South Florida,  South Florida will increase the blue vote, often negating the voice of North Florida.  This might be the time for North Florida to separate its political and financial liabilities from South Florida thus benefiting both North and South.

But for South Florida, the issue is much more than political, it is the very physical survival of the state.  Time is crucial.  We need to take control of our situation here in South Florida without the interference and bureaucracy of Tallahassee.

If you feel, as we do, that the time has come for the separation of north and south Florida, then Please sign this petition and send it to your family and friends. Your signature will help send a message to Tallahassee and Washington.

Thank you, 

 Walter Harris




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