Creating The Republic of India and Pakistan (Reunification of India and Pakistan)

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Looking at the current trend of the political parties of India and Pakistan, it has become visibly clear that the political parties in both the countries are using the other country as a trump card to pull votes. Kashmir issue is one of the hottest. Khalistan has started to creep in once again. It seems that it is going to be an endless battle without any end.

Clearly things are going from bad to worse. The only solution to the ongoing problem is to eradicate the cause of conflict.

The politicians instigate hatred among people and call each other enemies where as it is not really true. India and Pakistan are like two sons of one mother and have been separated due to the unrest and intolerance in the society caused by the hatred caused by some groups which is still going on, till date, on both sides. If it carries on like this, there is no stopping it. Hence, it is a must to curb this growing cancer before it gets too late.

I propose and appeal that both the countries be re-united. Doing so will have the following effects:

1. The ongoing issue of Kashmir will be solved in no time and the special article will hold no consequences either. People can live in peace and harmony.

2. One of the biggest reasons that divide us would be eliminated and thereafter no one can really be benefited by created division and hatred amongst people.

3. The Republic of India and Pakistan will emerge as one of the greatest countries in all aspects. The focus would be taken away from war, hatred and terrorism and we can focus on more important issues like how to educate people, how to end the child labour, how to provide proper medical facilities to people of the Republic of India and Pakistan, how to end poverty, how to create more decent paying jobs, how to emerge as a global leader.

Divide and rule has never worked in favour of anybody and as long as we will have this division, we will never truly flourish.

So please, for the sake of humanity, sign this petition and share with all your friends and urge them to sign it too so that in our lifetime, we can make this change and leave a better place for our kids to grow and prosper.