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Pursuing a 21st Century Learning Model

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This petition is being used to build public awareness of how schools can better serve our children, and to gain support for innovative educators working to bring real change to public education. The short film How Society Kills Our Creativity helps to convey the problem being addressed. Anyone, anywhere who wants to support responsible investigations of a promising new approach to public education can help by supporting this petition. 

Concerned educators have said, “We know what we need. We just don’t know how to transition to it.” OPERI offers an answer. It promotes a workable starting point for fundamentally changing how schools treat children. The pilot program it proposes begins at the secondary school level, but once people see its benefits, they will extend it to include all grades. It is in the interests of every student, parent and educator, regardless of age, to support this petition, which will help to get underway common sense, systematic investigations of how public education can do so much more.

The main feature of the pilot program is that it eliminates the bells from the school day. Formal scheduling, the practice of dividing the day into fixed chunks of time, which are governed by bells, is seen by Larry Rosenstock of High Tech High as the single greatest impediment to educational innovation. This view is shared by others such as Sir Ken Robinson. As the pilot will demonstrate, with the bells gone students and teachers are unleashed and great things then happen. 

Details of the pilot are provided on the OPERI website. The potential of this pilot to provide answers to many pressing questions The pilot provides a wonderful opportunity to acquire valuable insights into how children learn and how to nourish their sense of wellbeing.

Other relevant resources are a video titled Changing Education Paradigms. It was produced by Ken Robinson who is renowned for his most viewed Ted Talk. A compelling video by Prince EA titled, I Just Sued the School System, also calls for fundamental change. The video Evolution of Learning gives a glimpse of the infinite learning possibilities innovative students and teachers are anxious to explore.

It has been almost 50 years since the Ontario Government produced its 1968 report on education titled Living and Learning. It described the state of education at the time as follows:

“Today, on every side, however, there is heard a growing demand for a fresh look at education in Ontario. The Committee was told of inflexible programs, outdated curricula, unrealistic regulations, regimented organization, and mistaken aims of education. We heard from alienated students, frustrated teachers, irate parents, and concerned educators. Many public organizations and private individuals have told us of their growing discontent and lack of confidence in a school system which, in their opinion, has become outmoded and is failing those it exists to serve.”

Help us to build the public awareness needed to ensure that this statement does not sound so current 50 years from now. Please sign and share this petition.


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