Movement for Proper Mental Health Funding in Wisconsin's Public Schools

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All too often, we hear about teen suicide and wonder about what we could have done after the fact. It wasn't until our close friend and family member, Destinee, took her own life that we decided that something has to be done immediately.

We're calling on our senators and education officials to put a working system into our curriculums and schools. We have to be done with the losing of bright minds. K-12 public schools are where most children spend most of their day and we'd like for there to be a mandatory class/benchmark/unit implicating stress relieving skills and management, grieving tips, suicide prevention, and stressing the importance of communication.

We'd also strongly appreciate if all staff members with student interaction in schools, including teachers, were trained to handle stressful situations; some students feel more comfortable talking with the teachers in their schedules.

If there isn't a reliable system put into place, there could be more young people who will continue living with their feelings bottled and finally give up.

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